Old World Charm: Creating a Vintage-Inspired Bathroom

Creating a Vintage-Inspired Bathroom

A vintage-inspired bathroom is all about bringing inimitable charm to your space with old-fashioned touches and personal mementoes. Whether you choose a whole room full of period features or just style a few key elements, a carefully chosen color scheme and timeless floral patterns can make your washroom feel like it has been lifted straight from another time.

Choose a classic wallpaper with a floral motif, such as the vintage rose sprig pattern here, to set the scene for your scheme. Keep in mind that large floral prints can close in a space and opt for dainty flowers to maintain the room’s sense of proportion and create an illusion of space.

Creating a mood board is an excellent way to get inspired for your vintage-inspired bathroom get a free quote project. Taking inspiration from home magazines, fabric and paint swatches or even your own photographs, it will help you to define the type of design you want for your washroom, helping you to identify which elements work together.

Neutral, dusky tones and soft pastels are perfect for achieving a vintage bathroom as they create a calm backdrop that allows period features to shine. Neutrals also allow you to add pops of richer, more dynamic hues in accessories such as towels and window dressings if that’s how you would prefer to bring some extra character to your washroom.

To further bring in a touch of vintage, consider the use of natural materials. Rough hewn walls and wood floors can work well to add a rustic and authentic feel to a space, while wrought iron light fittings and brass fixtures are reminiscent of the industrial aesthetic that often comes with vintage-inspired designs.

If you’re going all out to create a truly vintage-inspired bathroom, think about repurposing an antique bureau or a washstand as a vanity. This will add a sense of history and authenticity to your bathroom that you might not be able to achieve by simply adding a new vanity unit.

Other elements that can bring a vintage-inspired look to your washroom include porcelain pedestal sinks, with their ornate designs and luxurious finishes, and faucets with cross handle taps. You could also incorporate a fireplace, real or faux, to create a cozy and intimate bathroom setting.

Don’t forget the little details when it comes to designing a vintage-inspired bathroom, such as framed postcards and vases of fresh flowers. Even a set of vintage doorknobs can have a huge impact when used as handles for your cabinet doors or for the shower curtain rings.